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Om Podcasten

“Mandy’s great at creating a frame for legendary conversation.” (Jennifer Hallett) Mandyland Radio is the hub for deep, candid, uncensored, unscripted, edge of consciousness conversations with those who are pulsating with life and doing work and creating art that overflows with their unique brilliance and magic. These higher conversations light me up. They pierce and elevate and arouse. They break me open and shatter what needs to go. They leave me feeling more me. And you, more you. That’s what a great conversation does. Especially one with a hottie like me. So tune in and have your mind blown. Or better yet, apply to be on the show yourself and blow your own damn mind, as well as mine. Step into my world on P.S. The New Edge of Consciousness Series began with my interview with Jennifer Hallett on April 14, 2021. All previous Mandyland Radio shows are a different vibe, but insightful and awesome nonetheless. P.P.S. Stay tuned for my upcoming podcast, Bites of Brilliance. It's a delicious offshoot of Mandyland Radio and is made of potent, juicy 2-minute clips of pure magic.