The Long Covid Economy: Will the pandemic permanently change our society and investments?

The pandemic delivered a massive simultaneous shock to the world economy. But which changes will outlast the pandemic, and should they cause us to rethink our investments? Alongside six million deaths and the largest peacetime fall in GDP since the Great Depression, Covid upended our way of life and put novel technologies centre stage. Pandemics throughout history have caused lasting economic changes and influenced societal norms. But what will the legacy of Covid be for the global economy, standards of living and investment returns? And in today’s Dumb Question of the Week: What’s the difference between a Black Swan and a Grey Rhino? Get in touch 📧 🎧 Join PensionCraft 🌐 Go to for all Ramin’s work 💡 Join PensionCraft's membership here ▶️ Subscribe on YouTube Disclaimer This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes and is not financial advice. We do not provide recommendations or endorse any decision to buy, sell or hold any security. We cannot be held responsible for any actions listeners may take and investors are encouraged to seek independent financial advice. Copyright 2022 Many Happy Returns

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