Parshuram - Part 3/3

In this concluding part of Parshuram's storyline we go to Dwaparyuga where Parshuram meets Krishna, and is Guru to Bheeshma and Karna. Parshuram is immortal and is expected to play a vital role in guiding Kali avatar of Vishnu in Kalyug. #Parshuram #Vishnu #Kali #Karna #Bhishma

Om Podcasten

My father, Sudheer Balkrishna Mahajani, is an avid reader of Marathi and Sanksrit literature, has studied various works on Hindu mythology, and is well renowned in his family and friends for his knack of story telling. This podcast brings a collection of stories that me and many in our extended family have relished in our childhoods and continue enjoying even till date!