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It could be could said that modern pop music began in the mid 1950s with Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley and The Comets. This iconic song was used for the opening credits of the teen high school drama Blackboard Jungle in 1955 and then a year later the movie Rock Around The Clock came out featuring Bill and The Comets in a highly fictionalized account of the birth of rock n roll. 2016 is the 60th anniversary of the release of Rock Around The Clock and the perfect time for Mark Kermode to bring us a unique and highly personal tour of his very own Celluloid Jukebox. In each programme we will hear music from the six decades that cinema and pop music have been partners. The musical selection will be eclectic and free flowing - sometimes connected by theme or genre, sometimes by year or artist and sometimes through Mark's particular and highly personal associations. He will tell anecdotes and give context to the choices and we will hear audio extracts from the films alongside other contemporary archive. Each programme will feature extracts of dialogue from some of the films featured as well as other audio archive. These shows will be recorded as live to give a spontaneous and informal feel - the music is the heart of the series but the passionate and informed nature of Mark's DJ links plus the other contributions and archive will make this series an unmissable treat.

Om Podcasten

Mark Kermode conducts a very personal tour of the last 60 years of pop music in cinema