Inflation Disinflation & How They Affect Marketing

The inflation fire was still raging in the early summer of 2022, but it wouldn't be long before signs of disinflationary forces were on the way in parts of the economy, and it wasn't just the infamous "demand destruction" that could result from the value of consumer wallets being eroded. Shortly after some of the major department store chains began to reap the benefits of easing restrictions and normalizing customer inflows, a retail trade crisis erupted, characterized by a plentiful oversupply and swelling inventories. While the focus was on the super-rises in food and fuel prices, retailers were preparing to open the gates to shock sales to empty their expensive warehouses, which in some cases made it difficult for stores and e-retailers to order new goods and keep pace with consumer demand. Was it the start of a recovery in an already chaotic economy? How big is the problem? And what are the consequences that had already caused several of the largest retailers in the United States to crash land? This is the fourth episode of marketing unfiltered, a podcast about what's going on around us, how the marketing industry is reacting to it, and where we see it all going - this and much more will be discussed today with your host Judy Shalom and KJ Rocker.

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