The Merge - The world's second biggest cryptocurrency is now greener

The Ethereum Merge is a historic moment for this space and one that is hugely significant. But in simple terms what actually it is and how will it affect the average user? Join us in yet another smashing episode, where KJ and Judy are discussing it all. As any crypto enthusiast knows, the merge is a much-anticipated event in the world of cryptocurrency. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, switched last week from its current proof-of-work consensus to a proof-of-stake. This change has the potential to impact the entire crypto ecosystem, and many are eager to see how it unfolds over time. There are of course a few key reasons why Ethereum decided to go ahead with the merge. First, proof-of-work is an energy-intensive process that requires expensive mining rigs. Switching to proof-of-stake will greatly reduce the amount of energy needed to run the network. Second, proof-of-stake is considered to be a more secure consensus algorithm than proof-of-work. Finally, the merge will also allow Ethereum to scale more easily than if it remained on its current consensus algorithm.  This and so much more you will be able to hear in today's episode of Marketing Unfiltered, so tune in NOW. As always nothing in this episode is financial or investment advice but for informational purposes only. If you would like to support us, a great way to do so is to leave a rating or review on your podcast platform of choice, thank you!Links to the resources:

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