Dirty Tricks

This episode focuses on Dirty Tricks in Negotiation - the despicable, dastardly and down-right ugly dirty tricks used by the very best negotiators in business to get their way - and what to do to avoid them. With over 50 years of negotiation experience behind them, the Huthwaite International panel of experts discussing these dirty tricks features: Benjamin Herman – Master Negotiations Trainer Tony Hughes – CEO Jo Derriman – Client Director Shaun James – Head of Learning and Development

Om Podcasten

Mastering Negotiations is a podcast series designed to help you negotiate more effectively. Whether you’re embarking on a major business deal or looking to get more for your money, you’ll hear tons of practical tips to help you get the best deal. In each episode, experts from Huthwaite International will chew over the key things you need to know to master negotiations.