MRM Episode 62 - Podcast Chat: Resourcing and Reporting lines for risk

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is where should the organisation's risk resource report? The answer, like most things related to risk management, is that there isn't a 'one size fits all' answer.Reporting lines for risk really need to be bespoke to the organisation, its culture, the maturity of its risk function and a myriad of other factors - listen to the episode for more detail.We also touch on some of the challenges organisations have in resourcing the risk function and we talk about some alternatives.Please let us know what you think of the Podcast Chats and what subjects you'd like us to discuss in future.Contact ABM Risk Partnership to optimise your risk management approach: email us: Tweet us at @4RiskCme Visit our LinkedIn page Thanks for listening to the show and please keep your guest suggestions coming!

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Leading practitioners in risk management share their knowledge and experiences. In each episode we'll cover topical risk issues or interview a leader in the field. Feedback and input are always welcome - tell us who you'd like to hear from and what subjects are of particular interest. Enjoy! Audio track: 'Saturn' by Marsel Minga