Interview with Aldo Denti, Company Group Chairman of DePuy Synthes

In these uncertain times we search out for wisdom and vision in others to help us navigate these times. I could not think of anyone better that has navigated some tough situations, personally and professionally, to help bring some clarity to our medical device world. I'm proud to have the Company Group Chairman from DePuy Synthes, Aldo Denti, share his thoughts on career development, critical thinking in making changes to your career trajectory, and our future in the Covid aftermath. He shares some powerful thoughts on never underestimating oneself and take the choice to develop skills you don't have for the 2nd job after the one you are in. We discuss the top 3-4 areas where the commercial side of healthcare sales will be impacted, Rep Access is a key topic along with digital health and creating suites of IOT connected devices that communicate with each other to reach levels of efficiency to heal our healthcare. Once again, sit back and enjoy the ride, and listen to see if you can tell i'm at home recording this great interview.

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