Boy Wonder - Wonder-Wear (1997) [w/ Dave River of Tree & Paula Kelley of Boy Wonder]

MEEPSION TO DESTROYIn 1997, wanting to get in on tha ever dominating "alternative" scene, Roadrunner acquired a small indie label called CherryDisc from Boston, MA who'd had success with Semisonic & Letters to Cleo among others.⁣ Among those who made tha migration from CD to RR were BOY WONDER whose sole full-length "Wonder-Wear" came out on tha Big Bird. They were fronted by former Dropnineteens guitarist Paula Kelley and she takes us on tha journey to and through tha album!⁣ One band on CherryDisc who did NOT move were TREE. Frontman Dave "River" was featured on Shootyz Groove's RR release but never got one to himself. He tells about recording that song "Diamond Mind" with Shootyz as well as other TREE TRIVIA like being covered by Powerman 5000.All this and NOTHING ELSE on a brand new Meep Meep!Support the show (

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