Junkie XL - Saturday Teenage Kick (1997) [w/ Patrick "Rudeboy" of Urban Dance Squad and Lucas van Slegtenhorst, A&R]

I never planned on this; Big Meep Evangelist!In 1997 Roadrunner Records released the debut album by Tom Holkenborg, better known the world over as Junkie XL. Tom a few years later would score a worldwide #1 hit with some guy named Elvis and presently scores worldwide movie releases like Justice League but there was a time when he was a real rock'n'rolla."Saturday Teenage Kick" formed a band around it and spawned hits like Billy Club and the title track with tha Silver Surfering Rudeboy Remington Patrick Tilon handling the vocals of the digital onslaughts, Dino Cazares of Fear Factory rockin' tha riffs, and Tom putting it all together in a way only he can.Lucas van Slegtenhorst is the A&R rep who signed JXL early in both of their careers and tells the tale of the Computer Hell genesis.So don't be an underachiever, X-Pand your limits 'cause this one is streaming NOW!!!Support the show (http://www.Patreon.com/MeepMeepPod)

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