Machine Head - The More Things Change... (1997) [w/ Robb Flynn of Machine Head & Nick Emde of Contracult Collective]

MEEPISODE 50:Robb Flynn - Meepster Mainstay, bonfire icon, & main cog in tha Machine Head. After they're hugely successful debut "Burn My Eyes" was released, they'd attempt to follow up one of tha most important albums of all time...And they did!! 1997's "More Things Change..." is meaner, focused, & destructive in many ways. Tha General himself tells us about tha days of still being a sergeant, deep in tha trenches...ALSO! Nick Emde from CONTRACULT COLLECTIVE bird nerds out with me about signing to RR, working with Rhys Fulber, being a fan of MH, and mainly how cool Logan Mader is.Plus I tell Robb about Becky Lynch, he tells me about Chris Garza from Suicide Silence, and it's all streaming now like a Ten Ton Hammer...SON!!!Support the show (

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