Non-Intentional Lifeform - Uisce (1997) [w/ Andrew Day of N.I.L.]

MEEPING OR EXISTINGThis week we take a trip down under to Australia in the unlikely city of PERTH for the first signing to Roadrunner's Australia branch: Non-Intentional Lifeform.Members of N.I.L. have gone on to toss coins at Superman and play in other Aussie luminaries such as KILLING HEIDI. We get the rundown of the entire history of the band from multi-instrumentalist Andrew Day.From improving songs to touring with Korn all within the same 12 months, this is a truly personal and inspiring journey of a young band being thrust into the world of rock 'n roll.So don't be a bogan; just grab a quokka and tell me if people really eat bloomin' onions while we hear the story of ISH-KA.Support the show (

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