Sepultura - Against (1998) [w/ Andreas Kisser of Sepultura & Howard Benson, Producer]

MEEPISODE 54:⁣⁣23 years ago TODAY on October 6, 1998 Sepultura released AGAINST, their first album with Derrick Green and tha beginning of a new legacy.⁣⁣Listen to never before told stories about the events leading up to tha making of this album from producer Howard Benson and tha guitar god himself Andreas Kisser.⁣⁣Derrick was tha man for tha job but before he was chosen many other considerations were made: Jorge from Merauder, Phil Demmel from Machine Head, Chuck Billy from Testament, Davide from Orange 9MM, and even Andreas himself!⁣⁣Howard Benson's life and career were changed by helping piece together this album which is one of my favorites in tha entire catalog and, like most things in life...⁣⁣Zebrahead is tha key to it all!⁣Support the show (

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