Shelter - Beyond Planet Earth (1997) [w/ Porcell, Dave DiCenso, & Raghunath (Ray) Cappo]

Revealed in Meepflection!!!⁣⁣Shelter's 2nd & final Roadrunner Record, Beyond Planet Earth, is a line in tha sand for many but on this episode, it's HIGH TIDE and high time we hear how it was made and what it means today.⁣⁣We hear once again from Porcell who laid out MANTRA previously, mythical drum don Dave DiCenso, & tha voice of Shelter & sometimes reason - Raghunath Cappo.⁣⁣You'll hear stories you might expect and ones you might not about J. Yuenger of White Zombie's contribution to tha record, Elijah Blue of Deadsy's contribution to Ray's employment, and of course...⁣⁣what's up with tha ska song?Support the show (

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Ryan Rainbro, star of stage & screen, is joined by a friend to discuss one album in the history of RoadRunner Records chronologically. Find out how your favorite classics or unknown gems fit in the label's canon or informs music today!