Mel Giedroyc is Quilting

Nick Jago’s Revenge

av Mel Giedroyc is Quilting | Publicerades 2/27/2020

Andy and Mel add more patches to their wonderful quilt, despite losing a needle and forgetting Mel’s glasses. We marvel over a section of Hugh Dennis’s shirt, get emotional stitching in a piece of Andy’s daughter’s first baby grow and Andy makes peace with a childhood memory of drummer from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club drummer Nick Jago.    Needles at the ready gang – we are quilting!   *COVID-19* : Quilters! Rest assured we are still quilting in isolation but for now please don't send us your fabric as we can't get to our mailbox right now! We still want you to be 100% involved in the show though so please share pictures and videos of your fabrics and stories with us on instagram by tagging @MelGQuilting or using #MelGQuilting! Follow us on Instagram @MelGQuilting   A Somethin’ Else Production.  

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Mel Giedroyc is quilting. No really, she’s making a quilt.   Each week on this brand new podcast follow along as Mel Giedroyc and her presenter pal Andy Bush add to their patchwork quilt with new squares of material donated by friends, famous types and most importantly the listeners! They’ll find out the stories behind the fabrics, develop their sewing skills and naturally, have a big old chat. And a cup of tea. And probably some biscuits.  A Somethin' Else production.