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Episode 5 - Mwanaume, Pesa na Mahusiano

av Men. Men. Men. - The Podcast - | Publicerades 12/27/2019

Money, Money, Money. Where did the idea that a man must always have money in relationship came from? On this week’s edition, the podcast explores around the idea that if a man is not financially stable in a relationship then that makes him less of a man. A good discussion with Adam (not his real name), who has been married for over ten years and Justus August, a therapist who shares a psychological point of view on how to deal with this belief that has haunted men for such a long time

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One of the major barriers to men addressing and tackling the challenges they face is the fact that discussion of mental health is largely taboo for Tanzanian men. They’re not expected (and therefore may feel they’re not allowed) to open up and talk about their struggles with life. Every two weeks (Biweekly), on Fridays Michael Baruti presents an episode that will discuss the challenges that men go through and offer a detailed insight on mental health for men. If you’re interested in Mental Health and are interested in unpacking and unlearning mental health for men in Tanzania, this podcast is for you