Explore your inner Mental Power #55

In this episode you get the opportunity to find your Mental Winner feeling, what I also often call your VIWA feeling. (VIWA stands for Winner Setting Winning Attitude).   An effective exercise based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).   Thus, you can again and again become the best version of yourself in the situations where you want to perform your very best. It is a state where there are calm, joy, strength and confidence within you. The state where we do not worry and are protected from internal struggles and conflicts. The exercise is designed for badminton-, tennis-, squash- and tabletennis players. But you can use it in any lifesituation. Just replace the words related to racketsports with the words you find relevant.   I will guide you through the exercise, where you will find the state where you feel the very best and are the best version of yourself. After you have listened to the episode, I recommend you to write down the keywords, you have found. Please use this link, where you can download the pdf file. https://mentalvinder.dk/explore-viwa   Enjoy finding your inner VIWA. 

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