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Episode 161 - Don't Panic!

av Meta-Cast, an agile podcast | Publicerades 3/17/2020

Life is going to throw you a few curve balls, and we're here to help you maintain a steady hand as you lead your family/organization/self through the inevitable tough times. In this episode, Bob and Josh help leaders of all types be ready to step up and provide the leadership their teams need from them. It's not easy, but great leadership steadies the ship and helps right the course. More from our hosts: Get FREE agile coaching on Josh's ( Spread The Word:  Love our content? Help us out by sharing on social media, rating our podcast/episodes on  Patreon (  campaign. Every time you give, in any way, you empower our mission of helping as many agilists as possible. Thanks for sharing! Sponsor Links: The  here. (

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