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Episode 163 - Difficult Conversations Role Play, Part 1

av Meta-Cast, an agile podcast | Publicerades 4/19/2020

We've all been there. Someone in your organization is convinced that something must/can/should happen, but you have no idea how reality can deliver on that challenge. What do you do? How do you explain to your peer/boss/whoever that it just isn't going to happen? Bob channels the legendary "Waterfall Bob" (see episode 42) and backs Josh into a corner about delivering features on an impossible deadline. Listen as Josh flubs the conversation (intentionally, this time... 😀), and then our co-hosts critique his responses before providing a better example of how you can succeed in these moments. The tables will be turned in Part 2 (upcoming episode), and Josh finally gets to be the "bad guy"!!! 🎉 This episode was edited by a new friend of the podcast who recently struck out on their own into the audio editing world. If you have any audio, be sure to reach out and get some professional help from them. Here is the contact info: ( ( ( More from our hosts: Get FREE agile coaching on Josh's ( BIG NEWS! Josh just launched is side project at ( . Give his app a download, trade some tokens, and be sure to submit some feedback so Josh can keep improving his product to help all of the budding streamers out there! Spread The Word:  Love our content? Help us out by sharing on social media, rating our podcast/episodes on  Patreon (  campaign. Every time you give, in any way, you empower our mission of helping as many agilists as possible. Thanks for sharing! Sponsor Links: The  here. (

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