Introducing Mia Jaye and The Toolbox

As women evolve, it becomes necessary for them to transfer wisdom, knowledge and form a community amongst one another in order to share tips, tools and support. Each Saturday, join Mia Jaye as she opens her Toolbox in an effort to cultivate that community and encourage women to grow and glow.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Mia Jaye’s Toolbox is a podcast created for grown-ass women by a grown-ass woman that provides tips, tools, and support to women in 45 mins or less in effort to grow and glow. The toolbox encourages grown-ass women to seek therapy, life coaching, and take quality time to explore oneself. If you fit this description, are looking to be inspired, desire to be apart of a tribe of your own and to hear great advice about the evolutions of womanhood, then Mia Jaye's Toolbox would love to have you tune in. Support this podcast: