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Robert Pettersen and Rex Shelverton of Portraits of Past

av Micro Spy | Publicerades 3/13/2020

In this episode, I speak with Robert Pettersen and Rex Shelverton of the band Portraits of Past.

Portraits of Past was a hardcore band from Half-moon Bay between 1993 and 95, and did a handful of reunion shows between 2008 and 2009.

Their debut LP, released on ebullition records came out after they had already broken up. And it wasn’t until overtime did people start to catch on to the brilliance of this band’s music.

I met with Rex and Robert in San Francisco. We recorded this conversation at Rex’s rehearsal space and talked for almost 3 hours.

They reveal their very beginnings with punk rock and paint a very saturated picture of their surroundings during the time Portraits of Past was a band. We discuss how environment affects creative process, and how there are some things in art that simply can’t be articulated.

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