Sam Rice on food hacks and developing a positive relationship with food in midlife

Join me this time as I chat to Sam Rice, author of The Midlife Cookbook and The Midlife Method as we talk all things food and nutrition. We discuss food strategies for dealing with 'nutritional "shoulds" overwhelm', how meal planning is one of the best things you can do to help set yourself up for success, and her favourite 'food hacks' for those of us who feel like we struggle to find the time to eat a healthy balanced diet - particularly pertinent as we approach the Christmas festivities and all the opportunities that presents to over-indulge!  You can find Sam on Instagram at where she posts load of enticing recipe ideas!    Don't forget to follow us over on Instagram or find out more/join our newsletter at     Please subscribe, rate, and review us on Apple Podcasts to share the love!

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Hi, I’m Emma Thomas and I started the Middling Along podcast as a companion to my blog: Often, we find as women hitting a ‘certain point’ in life, that we are so used to people-pleasing, and making sure that everyone else is OK, and their needs are met, that we have lost touch with what we want, what we need, who we are… I started the Middling Along blog with the aim of reclaiming my own ‘midlife’ and finding my happy. I wanted a way to celebrate stories of women just like you and I, finding out what really brings them joy, and doing more of it. Join me as we speak to a wide range of different women about their unique stories.