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Episode 18: The Importance of Community & Moving Through the "Cave" in Motherhood with Sarah Doggett

av Mindful Mama Movement Podcast | Publicerades 1/24/2017


Today, in Episode 18, we are so excited to bring you our conversation with our dear friend, Sarah Doggett!
Sarah Doggett is mama to the 5 kid circus known as the Cirque du Doggett. She is also a birth and post-partum doula, maker of slings, infant massage instructor, kids yoga teacher, knitter, dancer, hiker, essential oiler, art journaller and wife to a wiley wizard. She lives in Beaverton Oregon, and can be found online at www.sarahdoggett.com.
In this interview we talk about the importance of community and connecting with circle of women, both online and in person.  We explore what it feels like to be in the "cave" of motherhood, when you feel consumed by caring for your children but also are looking for the opening and learning how to balance your own self-care needs.
We get honest and open about our challenges, along with sharing our current joys.  Sarah also asks us about why we started the Mindful Mama Movement in the first place!
It's a lovely conversation and we feel blessed to get the opportunity to share yet another inspiring show.
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