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Kirsten | Machair's Story, Placental Abruption & PTSD

This week we talk to Kirsten about her experience of giving birth to her son, Machair. Kirsten was 300 miles from home when she went into labour. She experienced placental abruption and her birth was traumatic. Kirsten spent 8 days in two different NICU's and we speak about how it is not about the length of time, but the way you experience it. Kirsten is seeking help for her PTSD currently. Kirsten talks openly about her experiences in the hope that it will help other Mum's to understand their own birth trauma. To read more from Kirsten and other NICU mums you can find us at or on Instagram or Facebook @miraclemoonuk Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -

Om Podcasten

If you are a NICU parent, past, present or future, this podcast is here to support you through it all. Hosted by the co-founders of Miracle Moon, Frankie who is a Clinical Psychologist and a Mum to Arlo born at 31 weeks and Georgie, a Graphic Designer and a Mum to Margot born at 31 weeks. We are a couple of past NICU Mum’s who have got together to support others through their NICU journeys. Each week we will talk about common things that NICU parents have been through and interview other NICU Mums with the hope of normalising how you feel.