Episode 23: No Women At Taraweeh This Year?

av Missheard | Publicerades 4/21/2021

Salaams everyone! It's week 1 of Ramadan and we are so excited to be able to bring you this episode.. Hafsah and Zara discuss their thoughts on many women not being able to pray Taraweeh at their local masjid this year and the effect this can have. Trigger Warning for those fasting: All things childhood snacks and doner pizzas  are discussed - eeek! Sorry.  Our 'shop small support sisters' businesses of the week are: @boxedgiftsco - handmade boxes filled with lovely goodies from other amazing small businesses  @niftybynaffy - beautiful personalised items perfect any occasion to send to your loved ones!  This is epsiode 23, enjoy!

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This is 2 regular Muslim girls talking life, deen and everything in between. Here at MissHeard, we understand that women often fade into the background. Our voices are a little more quieter than the rest. Our job is to help amplify these voices. Bringing relevant and beneficial topics to the surface for Muslim women alongside the most amazing guests.