Mobile DevOps is a thing!

Remote work & Mobile DevOps

av Mobile DevOps is a thing! | Publicerades 5/19/2020

This episode features special guest Joe Birch and focuses on different aspects of remote work, Mobile DevOps, and how to remain productive from home.

Joe is the Android Lead at Buffer, a Google Developer Expert, and the creator of ChordAssist, the accessible smart guitar for the blind, deaf, and mute. His experience in working from home at Buffer — an entirely remote company — and his work in the developer community give him a unique perspective on today’s changing work climate and its challenges.


11:30 Remote work
13:19 Tools for async communication
16:18 How collaboration works at Buffer
16:30 Collaboration techniques
19:44 Remote onboarding 
21:20 Learning
24:23 What does Mobile DevOps means for Joe?
26:52 What makes mobile development difficult?
30:10 Specific challenges to Android 
33:40 Do you need a DevOps engineer?
34:30 Mobile DevOps
38:00 The future of Mobile DevOps
40:10 Monitoring
41:00 Online courses
44:30 Advice for newcomers to the mobile world
45:25 Advice for people suddenly working remotely

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