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Episode 49: Q&A From the Community #8

Toni Rose and Zach field more of your questions on topics relating to rolling out the model at the beginning of the year, meaningful mastery checks on topics learned by rote, and using rubrics. Show Notes Submit Questions for Q&A Episodes MCP Podcast Episode #4: Building Authentic Relationships with Students (Toni Rose's first appearance on the MCP podcast) MCP Podcast Episode #48: Building Equitable Classrooms (Toni Rose's first appearance as co-host) Bloom’s Taxonomy Quizziz Quizlet Keeping up with the Modern Classrooms Project Follow us online and learn more: Modern Classrooms: @modernclassproj on Twitter and Kareem: @kareemfarah23 on Twitter Kate: @gaskill_teacher on Twitter [The Modern Classroom Project]( [Modern Classrooms Online Course]( Take our free online course, or sign up for our mentorship program to receive personalized guidance from a Modern Classrooms mentor as you implement your own modern classroom! The Modern Classrooms Podcast is edited by Zach Diamond: @zpdiamond on Twitter and Learning to Teach

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Kareem Farah, founder and executive director of the Modern Classrooms Project, and co-hosts Kate Gaskill and Zach Diamond, discuss the model and it's implications for the future of education, along with guests including current mentors, teachers, and administrators.