1. Mofjrdtalks - An introduction to what's coming

av Mofjrdtalks | Publicerades 11/25/2019

Mofjrdtalks is now live. I want to start this journey by introducing myself to you. This episode will take you thru the purpose of Mofjrdtalks. Who should you be in order to find this valuable? I would love to hear about the action steps that you are taking in order to grow into the best version of yourself. Connect with me on Instagram @mofjrd and let's have a conversation. JOIN FACEBOOK GROUP:

Om Podcasten

A podcast with the intention to empower YOU to be more of YOU! Self development will never be about fixing ourselves, we were never broken. We simply have to strive to become more of who we already ARE. To bring the courage that it takes to shine that light that we all have inside us. All about deeper relating, communication, sexuality and living more truthful to who we truly ARE. I deeply value authenticity, curiosity and presence. Your journey of becoming more fully alive starts now! JOIN COMMUNITY: