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Episode 18: with Model Mimi Mcveigh (internet_baby)

av Molly's Minutes | Publicerades 6/25/2019

Today I chat with one of my biggest inspirations and major girl crush Mimi Mcvey , also known as @internet_baby . I first saw Mimi’s uniquely beautiful face on (designer) Emma Brewin’s instagram. I was so fascinated with how different she looked to anyone I’d ever seen, with confidence and style. Mimi also models for Unif. This is a girly chat with the most chilled out girl in the world. We talk about school, college, and modeling. Mimi is signed to Anti-Agency, the agency that has individually incredible faces such as Tia Jonsson, Zaina Miuccia and Tin Gao. The agency represents, as they state on their website ( ‘We focus on hand selecting the most iconic internationally based guys and girls with personality, individual style and talent. The agency is for people with real lives on the verge of exploding in music, fashion, art, illustration & the creative industries‘. The collection of faces, shapes, sizes and talents they represent is easily seen in this podcast with Mimi, it is high time we see a different type of girls in our magazines, campaigns and media. Mimi, who is 17..(what!?) speaks so eloquently about being herself and her own person in 2019. Thank you Mimi for being such a legend. Thank you to Depop for sponsoring this podcast. I asked Mimi for her favorite Depop shop (because to be honest she’s so much cooler than me) and it’s @internetgirl . Thank you so much for supporting my podcast, please share and rate it if you can.

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