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Ethical Questions on "Anti-Pollution" Make-Up

av Molly's Minutes | Publicerades 10/15/2019

The skin is the largest organ in the body, it is extremely porous and absorbent- these are things we all know. Some of us spend fortunes on preserving, covering and caring for our skin- yet until recently haven’t really stopped to think what our skin is absorbing the most of.. the air around us. I recently purchased an “anti-pollution” foundation. I saw the bottle with “Anti-Pollution” in great big red writing my heart sank. It was one of the fastest unplanned purchases I have ever made, and that’s probably because it was born out of my eco anxiety. So basically pollution can make your skin oily, greasy, dry, aged and weathered. Again.. this isn’t surprising… surely we all knew there is dirt and toxins in the air especially in cities. Air pollution is responsible for an estimated 1,180 premature deaths in Ireland each year, according to a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency. There’s just a few things I want to put forward here. After my podcast about cultured branding with Saoirse, the way in which I see/ or see through certain advertising has changed. My question is in this whole podcast (which is genuinely just a rant) do we or should we expect certain and specific climate conscious and anti pollution measures, aids, and promises to be made by brands and corporations if they should be able to profit from pollution itself in any way. This Podcast is sponsored by Depop. My Depop shop of the week is @remass for Y2K staples.

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