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Exposure Coin with Stylist Oyinza

av Molly's Minutes | Publicerades 11/13/2019

Oyindamola aka oyinza aka zeda is a freelance stylist, costume designer, shoot and event producer, director and budding film photographer. A lot of roles, yes but in her industry, you really have to become a jack of all trades. Now 23, she started her path in fashion at 17 working on fashions shows for charities, brands and college societies. Over her young career, she has been lucky to work with organisations such as Nigerian Carnival Ireland and Dublin City Council where she was able to style and produce big-scale shows attended by diverse audiences. She has also been tapped for styling by artists such as Aimée, Super Silly, Jafaris, Soulé and Zali amongst others for shows and shoots.

Apart from her work, her whole schtick is all about being authentically YOU every chance you get, in the way you speak, the way you dress and the way you exist.

At the end of this podcast we literally lose our mind. You have been warned.

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