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Halle Steele on Growing Up Body Conscious

av Molly's Minutes | Publicerades 11/20/2019

Today I am joined by the stunningly beautiful model and leaving cert student, Halle Steele. I asked Halle to come on my podcast because she exuded a confidence at such a young age, but what I didn't know was that this wasn't always the case.

Halle was debilitated with anxiety surrounding her looks as a young girl, which caused her to miss school and struggle with severe social anxiety. Upon finding Ashley Graham, she decided that she couldn't keep being so hard on herself, and started to use one simple trick she found on Ashley's Instagram.

Now, Halle is represented by NotAnotherAgency and can be seen in nation wide fashion campaigns. We talk about what it's like to grow up with that awareness of your body and what self love really means.

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