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"Post-Coital Bed" DJ SoHotSoSpicy

av Molly's Minutes | Publicerades 10/1/2019

This week we bring you Aoife Keane, or SoHotSoSpicy as she's known in the music industry. Aoife is a DJ, self love advocate and general legend who is just getting started. Aoife had wanted to learn how to DJ for years, but always felt that it was too late. After dropping out of college in Leeds she was desperately searching for what could make her happy, so she decided to bite the bullet and learn to DJ. Now, she co-runs, DJs and hosts "Thrust Collective" with Gunslingers, Glimmerman, and DJ Gun Emoji. Listen to Aoife's thoughts on self love, changing paths and the importance to being able to learn in the music industry. Thank you to Depop who sponsor this podcast. This week's Depop shop of the week is @sylkstore "Boy and a Girl Working Towards a Sustainable Future" second hand garms supporting an incredibly hard working pair.

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