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The Gift Of Surrogacy With Angela Richardson-Mook

av Mom Brain | Publicerades 11/4/2020

Angela Richardson-Mook is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Alcea Surrogacy, a female owned and operated holistic fertility collective. Angela not only works in the field, she also lives it. She's been a gestational carrier, an egg donor, and a mother via IVF. She has given birth to (wait for it) TEN babies! That includes her own children and as a surrogate to 3 different families. Her goal is to help connect couples who are exploring the option of using a surrogate, with surrogate mothers (or gestational carriers) through Alcea Surrogacy.  Angela’s story is incredible, and she has a wealth of knowledge on the topic of surrogacy and answers all of Hilaria and Daphne's questions on the subject. They go over how to get started with the process, the legalities, the financial issues, and so much more. Whether you're interested in using a surrogate, being a surrogate, or just curious about how all of it works, this episode will scratch your itch.  Favorite Things: Daphne: Leallo Sweatpants Hilaria: Healthynest Cleaning Supplies Angela: Fertility for Colored Girls Email us with your questions at and follow us on Instagram, just search for @MomBrain. We answer a lot of your questions on there! Check out videos of our episodes on our YouTube channel! We also invite you to become a member of Mom Brain's official Facebook Group.

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