Are You An Average Mom? Chat with NYAM Project Founder, Arianna Bradford

Arianna Bradford is the founder of Not Your Average Mom Project and the author of the awesome book Shame On You: Big Truths from a Bad Mom. She is one of the most open, honest, real and raw mothers you can come across. Anything you may have thought and hesitated to admit when it comes to parenthood she has said and shared with the world. During their convo Kristen and Arianna discuss the BS that is mom guilt, wanting more than motherhood, boundaries, racism, selfishness, isolation, comparison and more. Arianna's candor and insight make this conversation fly by and leaves you knowing whether or not you are an average mom ;-) Read her awesome book here:

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Mom School is hosted by former People Magazine Correspondent, Kristen Kelly.After a surprise pregnancy turned the once passionate entertainment news journalist into a depressed and overwhelmed stay at home Mom, she became determined to challenge all that she'd been taught a "good mom" looks like.This series interviews renowned authors, psychiatrists, activists, actors & SAHMs all with the goal of challenging the status quo of modern day motherhood and revolutionizing present day parenting.Mom School educates and inspires the women in our community to unapologetically embody the most authentic and fulfilled version of themselves with the ultimate goal that their children one day do the same.