Hilaria Baldwin on Mommy-Shaming, Domestic Duties and Future Babies

Hilaria Baldwin stops by Mom School to talk life, love, loss and a whole lot more. If you've ever checked out her Instagram you may be asking yourself, 'How in the hell does this woman look like that with so many babies?' 'What do you feed 4 (mostly) vegetarian kids?' and 'How do you stay so Namaste with all these humans and dogs??' So, I asked her. The fitness expert and co-host of fellow parenting podcast Mom Brain shares what makes her get her butt into her bathroom at 9:30PM to workout after a long day, how she does not allow other people's judgments and opinions affect her and how she keeps perspective and holds gratitude amidst the chaos. From pregnancy during a pandemic to marriage advice to her thoughts on having more babies, Hilaria is authentic, unapologetic and inspiring.

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Mom School is hosted by former People Magazine Correspondent, Kristen Kelly.After a surprise pregnancy turned the once passionate entertainment news journalist into a depressed and overwhelmed stay at home Mom, she became determined to challenge all that she'd been taught a "good mom" looks like.This series interviews renowned authors, psychiatrists, activists, actors & SAHMs all with the goal of challenging the status quo of modern day motherhood and revolutionizing present day parenting.Mom School educates and inspires the women in our community to unapologetically embody the most authentic and fulfilled version of themselves with the ultimate goal that their children one day do the same.