Revolutionize Your Household - Eve Rodsky, NYT Best Selling Author of Fair Play

“I’m surprised you didn’t get blueberries" - The text @everodsky received from her husband that left her on the side of the road in tears. Rodsky is a Harvard trained attorney who after welcoming her first baby was (like many of us) struggling to juggle it all. After taking "time off" to focus on motherhood, she began feeling like a shell of her former self. She had also become the “she-fault” parent for nearly everything in her household. Exhausted and overwhelmed, she put her organizational management expertise to use and crafted a solution - Fair Play. If you have ever found yourself annoyed while doing the dishes as you hear the whack of a golf club echoing from the TV, or bickering about who will take out the garbage - Or if one too many times you've helped a stray sock find its home in the hamper that is literally 3 inches away - You must listen to this episode. It does not matter if you are a full-time stay at home mom or if you work outside of the home - this book will revolutionize your life. Big statement for a big truth. Subscribe, rate and review. ENJOY!

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