That's Inappropriate Founder Meredith Masony on Mommy Martyrdom, Pandemic Parenting and Giving no F&%$s

Meredith Masony is the founder of the wildly popular mommy blog "That's Inappropriate". The Mom of 3 is an unfiltered, ridiculously hilarious YouTube/social media star who just released a new book, "Ask Me What's for Dinner One More Time." I NEVER read comedy books - I am strictly a self-help, murder-mystery person, but I flew through this book so damn fast. Meredith had me in stitches laughing (and then I cried towards the end and woke my son up from his nap just to hug him - so, clearly this book is powerful). During our chat we talk about mommy martyrdom, pandemic parenting, the cancer scare that changed her perspective on just about everything, marriage and not giving two fugs what anyone thinks about how you do you. Check Meredith out on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and go get her book, hide from your kids, pour a glass of whatever you want and laugh your ass off.

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