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Money 101

8. Short-term Saving

av Money 101 | Publicerades 1/24/2020

Sometimes it can feel almost impossible to set aside money into savings for a rainy day. Don’t worry though, help is at hand. Bea sat down with Simon, who is the founder and CEO of savings app Chip. He talked through why saving is so important, and explained some ways to make it easier even if you’re spending all your money on smashed avocado on toast. Eve is a super saver, and has successfully saved for loads of big things including a car, a house and a wedding. She gives Bea some of her top tips for saving, even while on a tight budget. Kalpana explores the question we all want the answer to: How much should we actually be saving every month? She also clarifies some need to know terms, including ISA and interest rate. For help, details of organisations offering information and support with issues discussed, are available at bbc.co.uk/actionline. You can join the conversation with the hashtag #Money101Pod. Kalpana is on Twitter @KalpanaFitz and Bea is @beaduncan_. Eve can be found on Instagram @moneymedics. The host is Bea Duncan. The producer is Renay Richardson. The assistant producers are Bea Duncan and Rez Marino. This is a Broccoli Production for BBC Sounds.

Om Podcasten

Join Bea Duncan as she sets out on a mission to learn about money, clear up the confusion and hopefully get the answers to the questions we all have.