#39 ~ MMM ~Insight into Money Making Mother ~ Nadia Ayoub

Hi I'm Nadia, I’m 31, a busy mum of 2 boys, I run a busy award winning Instagram cafe Demelo Lounge in the heart of Middlesbrough. We’ve  been here 7 years and going strong. I’m an ambassador for virgin  startup for Sir Richard Branson, I’ve won the highly recommended  accolade for creative entrepreneur of the year in the English women’s  award. I was a finalist for tees valley business woman of the year, I  was a finalist for woman of the year for BME Tees Valley.

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Money Making Mothers with Karla Edwards, where we discuss the highs & lows of being a working parent, how to master the art of spinning plates and to remind ourselves that just because you became a mother does not mean your dreams no longer exist ... YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL www.theprotectionparent.co.uk