Money Mindset with Gull Khan | Episode 331 | Friday Feature: Tess Vergara

Today we’re on another episode of our Friday Feature where we talk with astounding entrepreneurs and their success stories. In today's episode we're speaking to Tess Vergara. Tess is a Soul Powered Executive Coach, who addresses the conflicts many executives face between mind and heart, soul and ego. As a former financial controller and director of finances, Tess guides executives, leaders and change-makers to shift from Fear Power to Soul Power so they can fulfill their unique mark in the world. Soul Power is the revolution that helps leaders achieve financial freedom and abundance, master productivity and creativity and gain true wealth and happiness in a way that feels good and right without compromise and inner conflict. Let's speak to Tess and find out how she changed her life by changing her mindset. Let's find out! Connect with Tess here: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Ready to rewrite your money story? Register to my Five Day Millionaire Mindset Makeover Workshop here: Visit our website for more information:

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