Money + mental health

COVID-19 has rearranged our lives and communities in so many ways, creating a very tangible link between our money situation and our mental health. So how do we best look after our wellbeing and our finances when times are tough? In this extra-special-bonus-episode of Money Power Freedom podcast, hosts Cal Wilson (comedian) and Santilla Chingaipe (journalist and filmmaker) get some sage advice from Georgie Harmann (CEO, Beyond Blue) and Fiona Guthrie AM (CE, Financial Counselling Australia).

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Join co-hosts Cal Wilson (comedian) and Santilla Chingaipe (journalist) as they decode money and power, and what it means for our freedom. Featuring experts and real life stories, balanced with money how-tos, MONEY POWER FREEDOM digs into our collective money story, reminding listeners that the financial hurdles so many women face isn’t personal — it’s political.