Monstercat: Call of the Wild

267 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild (Duumu Takeover)

av Monstercat: Call of the Wild | Publicerades 9/25/2019

Follow the show: 00:45 SLUMBERJACK - Hide and Seek (ft. Claire Ridgely) 04:54 Conro - City Lights (ft. Royal) 07:40 San Holo - New Sky [Monstercat Throwback] 11:47 Julian Calor - Monster (ft. Trove) 15:11 Duumu - Blinded 19:10 Duumu - Intentions (ft. GLNNA) 22:51 Duumu - Tide (Interlude) 24:50 Duumu & ÊMIA - Talk! 28:38 Duumu - Feather 31:32 DESERT STAR - Edge of the World [Instinct Spotlight] 33:55 DESERT STAR - Foreign Land 36:29 Nonsens - Heroes (ft. Tobias Stenkjær) 39:35 Justin OH & Xilent - Assemble [Uncaged Spotlight] 42:34 Nitro Fun & Subtact - Come With Me (ft. Anna Yvette) 45:56 COTWRadio - Bad Feelings (Mashup by _Quantum) [COTW Mashup] 49:17 CloudNone & Paul Aiden - Anonymous [Monstercat Exclusive] 51:56 Julian Calor - Galactic Trumpet 54:32 Ephixa - Skyforth Thank you for listening to Monstercat: Call of the Wild!

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