Monstercat: Call of the Wild

280 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild

av Monstercat: Call of the Wild | Publicerades 1/8/2020

Follow the show: 00:45 Tony Romera - Heat Wave 04:45 Tokyo Machine - TURBO 07:19 Stonebank - Take Me Higher 10:26 Julian Calor - Adventures 14:26 Tails & Beach Season - No Sleep 17:00 Koven - Telling Me 21:16 Crankdat - Who I Am 24:41 Pixel Terror - Bittersweet [Uncaged Spotlight] 27:47 Muzzy - Horsepower 32:34 Muzzy - Calling Out (ft. KG & Skyelle) [Monstercat Throwback] 37:52 Protostar - Where I Belong (ft. Emma McGann) [Instinct Spotlight] 41:54 Holly & Loosid - Fire Flower 45:04 Glacier - Neos 48:55 CloudNone - Spring Snow 54:00 CloudNone - Urban Foxes [Monstercat Exclusive] 55:31 NERVO - Anywhere You Go (ft. Timmy Trumpet) Thank you for listening to Monstercat: Call of the Wild!

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