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13. Dr. Michelle Rockwell's Miscarriage Story and a Message That You Are Not Alone

av Motherhood Meets Medicine | Publicerades 5/19/2021

One in four. This is the well-known statistic of women who experience miscarriage. Regardless of how common miscarriage is, that doesn’t make it any easier to go through. Dr. Michelle Rockwell is sharing her story of miscarriage with us on the podcast and how her experience was affected by COVID. Our hope is that this episode will make you feel less alone if you have gone through a miscarriage, or will feel more prepared to support a friend or family member who has.    Dr. Michelle is a double board certified Family Medicine & Sports Medicine Physician, married to an ER doctor, and has two boys. Her platform, Doctor Mommy Md, was founded out of her passion for helping moms navigate this wild journey of motherhood! She has specific interest and expertise in breastfeeding, child health and development, prenatal fitness and postpartum maternal health.   In this episode we discuss: -What you can do to lower your risk of miscarriage  -The top causes of miscarriage  -Whether or not there is an increase amount of miscarriage in the COVID vaccine population -The feelings of fear and anxiety that come after having a miscarriage  -How you can best support those going through a miscarriage   Resources Mentioned: -Miscarriage Odds Reassurer -Miscarriage Probability Chart -Journal: Grieving the Child I Never Knew   Connect with Michelle: -Instagram: @doctormommymd -Thriving in Motherhood - Baby's First Year   Connect with me on Instagram @motherhoodmeetsmedicine. For full show notes, head to lynzyandco.com/motherhood-meets-medicine-the-podcast/   Join the Motherhood Meets Medicine community at patreon.com/motherhoodmeetsmedicine.   Disclaimer: This podcast does not provide medical advice. The information on this podcast is for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

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