Episode #73 Intuitive Movement

This week Alison talks about intuitive movement and how we can use this time when we are at home to listen to what our body needs, rather than seeing exercise as a means by which to punish ourselves. It can serve as another gateway to honour our body and her needs in the moment. Alison talks about how we can tune into our body’s needs in the moment while in these current times. Follow on Instagram alison_barker_ and Facebook at Mothering The Mother

Om Podcasten

Welcome to Mothering the Mother podcast hosted by Registered Nutritional Therapist, blogger and mother, Alison Barker. Matrescence - the process of becoming a mother, is a deeply transformative experience that is not typically acknowledged as a rite of passage in our western culture. This transformation begins from pre-conception through to the postnatal period, and beyond.  Some think it may last a lifetime. Many mothers long for the village in which to raise their children. In this podcast you will hear from mothers, leading experts and those involved in the field of mother-care and women's wellness. It will be a community to connect with, nourish and support mothers to bring about change mother to mother family to family. For more information you can find Alison at www.alisonbarker.com or on Instagram @alison_barker_ or join the Facebook Group Mothering the Mother.