Episode #79 Finding your way in times of change

Episode highlights: - We are in these current times together; Looking at getting back to health and beyond the news stories; Imagining a new world; Dealing with uncertainty - Illusory nature of reality - life is never certain but this period is lifting the veil; Going inwards during this time; How we can take lessons learnt to move forward into living in the world we want; How Beth is balancing work and motherhood with the lockdown Follow on IG alison_barker_ and FB Mothering The Mother

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Welcome to Mothering the Mother podcast hosted by Registered Nutritional Therapist, blogger and mother, Alison Barker. Matrescence - the process of becoming a mother, is a deeply transformative experience that is not typically acknowledged as a rite of passage in our western culture. This transformation begins from pre-conception through to the postnatal period, and beyond.  Some think it may last a lifetime. Many mothers long for the village in which to raise their children. In this podcast you will hear from mothers, leading experts and those involved in the field of mother-care and women's wellness. It will be a community to connect with, nourish and support mothers to bring about change mother to mother family to family. For more information you can find Alison at www.alisonbarker.com or on Instagram @alison_barker_ or join the Facebook Group Mothering the Mother.