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GUILT - Yep that little 5 letter word that we seem to be riddled with as soon as we become mothers.

av Mothers Meeting Podcast | Publicerades 4/13/2016

We feel guilty about going to work, not going to work, not spending enough time with our other halves, looking at our phones too much, enjoying ourselves, breast feeding, formula feeding. The list is endless, no matter what us mums feel as if we cannot do anything without the awful feeling of guilt. Join the Mothers Meeting mamas (TV presenter Cherry Healey, Actress and Casting Director Coralie Rose, Hot Mama Sara Jane Davis) and listen to a real, honest and inspiring conversation all around the subject of guilt - we promise it'll make you feel a bit less guilty, make you laugh and generally more 'normal' about how you feel - well we hope ;) For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Om Podcasten

We are thrilled to be launching the first episode of our series of Mothers Meeting podcasts which will be focusing on all things MUM/MOM/MAM/MOTHER but not in the conventional sense. We will be taking motherhood into the next dimension with humour, realness and honesty whilst always keeping things fun and fierce! We will be tackling subjects that are often seen as taboo or a bit embarrassing. With special guest speakers and topics which would normally make your eyes water we hope to inspire, motivate and support you.