Moving Beyond

Moving Beyond Trauma and Addiction

av Moving Beyond | Publicerades 5/26/2020

Emma’s mom passed when she  was 16  years old and her father spun out, using drugs to excess. As an adult, she removed herself from her father’s life and flourished on her own. All of her grief resurfaced with her fathers recent passing. Emma battles with the overwhelm of her combined losses that caused her anxiety, depression and trouble in her current relationship.

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Be a fly on the wall in the office of celebrity Psychic Medium Fleur and renowned Grief Therapist Claire Bidwell Smith. Listen in as people lay bare their deepest loss while Claire gives them tools to manage their grief. Then, experience a psychic mediumship session as Fleur connects each person with a loved one in the spirit world. Each unscripted episode features real sessions from these two unique perspectives to discuss loss and explore life on the other side. “Moving Beyond Grief Through Connection”